After conducting thorough research, which included spatial and performance analysis of existing stations, as well as workshops with e-mobility drivers and staff, we have developed a project that employs a lightweight three-dimensional steel structure constructed from reusable and locally available bolted steel hollow sections.

The primary structure can be easily deployed with minimal earthworks and practically no concrete. It will be prefabricated in a workshop, transported on a flatbed vehicle, and then assembled on-site with bolts for swift deployment and straightforward disassembly. The overarching structure is designed to accommodate battery charging modules or service units, adaptable to the client’s changing requirements and diverse contexts.

This station can be expanded in both length and width by adding roof and platform modules. It may feature sections for battery swapping, mechanical servicing, vehicle washing, and a waiting area for clients.

The roof utilizes triangular shapes within structural cubes to achieve optimal slope for rainwater drainage and heat dissipation. The design is flexible, allowing for different “skins” to suit various site conditions, making it suitable for deployment in diverse locations.

The station integrates the company’s color scheme and lighting to establish a brand identity and attract both existing and new clients. It incorporates transparency, translucent elements, and opacity to showcase the company’s swapping system, provide shade and rain protection, and allow natural light ingress and egress. This meticulously planned design ensures that the station is not only functional, sustainable, and comfortable but also visually appealing.

Location: Kigali, Rwanda
Size: variable
Typology: Transport, Commercial, New Built Architecture
Client: Corporate
Status: Completed 2023

Design Team:
Nerea Amoros Elorduy  – Main at Creative Assemblages
Victor Gonzalez Marti – Main at Cometa Architects
Faidra Matziaraki – Main at Cometa Architects
Alvaro Portoles – Designer at Cometa Architects
Yves Twizeyimana – Onsite Supervisor Architect
Victor Iyakaremye – Onsite Supervisor Architect
Jonathan Kateega – Onsite Supervisor Architect

Engineering team:
Eric Rugugiro
Lisette Gaju
Thierry Gashema

Sajid haq