The office is located in a typical high- rise building, in the busy heart of Shanghai. The client was looking to turn the already existing workstation into a harmonious yet composed place, where the team would share the same qualities of an equally distributed open plan space.  The brief excluded any enclosed rooms and included a place for the team to take breaks, autonomy in artificial light for each of the staff and most importantly: fit the 22 employers comfortably.

The entrance, the meeting area, the directors desk & the coffee area, are defined by an open zone, an autonomous structure placed in the internal side of the space leaving all the rest of space for the team.  The spaces included in the zone are consecutive and simultaneously connected with the team’s area, all of them benefited by the natural light. All archiving and machinery is strategically placed at the two sides behind sliding doors.

The wood used is partially reused and when new, certified. The project includes custom designed and made furniture such as desks, side-storage and the lighting system.

Location: Shanghai, China
Size: 120 m²
Typology: Office Renovation Interior Architecture
Client: BPO International
Status: Completed 2014