The Lightslice, is skinny triangle shaped apartment, located in the Historic Eixample of Barcelona. The tiny apartment was stripped down and ‘rescued’ from its labyrinthic and darkening layout, while the recently revealed wooden beam ceiling got repaired, something essential for the building structure.

Here, two design decisions were taken. A longitudinal axis becomes the spatial organizer: A fine line that is actually carved in the floor, allows the different objects to be placed perpendicularly to it, in a detached yet composed manner. A latitudinal axis acts as the light moderator: The Light Box, a natural light-filtering screen is a custom-made metal perforated lattice whose volume embraces the wet zone, filters and brings light to the far end of the apartment and simultaneously separates the sleeping area from the living area. At night, the Light Box works as an amplifier for the glowing dimmer light. Smart use of mirrors also amplifies a) the space, by placing a mirror in the island volume of the kitchen, the floor seems to run through b) the light, by having a mirror at the left side of the Light Box, the natural light entering from the two front windows reflects on it.

The hand-made hydraulic tiles are put together in an new original pattern that creates a contemporary `tile carpet´, as an alternative to the heavy patterned flooring, traditionally found in the Art nouveau apartments of the area. Finally, all lighting fixtures and the seating area chair are designed and made by the firm.

Location: Eixample, Barcelona, Spain
Size: 46 m²
Typology: Apartment Renovation Interior Architecture
Client: Private
Status: Completed 2015