This top floor apartment is located where Calle de la Marina meets the Port. A compact, introvert but otherwise regular second residence of a couple, has been radically remodeled with some principles of the small size naval architecture: liberate all utile space from the unnecessary, while only the pure form remains present. The square plan of the apartment is organized around a compact wooden cabin, where the toilet, closets, laundry room and installations are located. The main uses of space are symmetrically balanced around it: kitchen & storage on its right side, living and sleeping facing front and bathing to the left.

The vessel-looking concrete interior is treated with light grey ecological microcement, drawing inspiration from the raw concrete docks that can be seen nearby.
The exposed installations, precisely composed by 65% recycled copper piping  fittings and light fixtures, are stretching over the solid surfaces, offering a warm radiance, perhaps the only decorative element of the apartment, while methodically correspond to the specific uses.
Two pure white volumes determine the wet areas: the kitchen island and the bathtub. Placed in the open space, these two bold elements give the impression of hovering over the floor while creating an elegant and exclusive ambience within the otherwise minimal architecture.
The economy of space is an attribute to this project, where beds, sofas, all bespoke PFC marine wooden design furniture and integrated closets are becoming storage. Underfloor heating brings a sustainable choice and it has a significant impact on the overall carbon emissions. Moreover, it  avoids radiators in the space.
Despite the limited square meters, this apartment enjoys extended space thanks to the direct connection of the interior-exterior which doubles the space, letting tones of natural light enter and of course the natural breeze of the sea.

Location: Sant Marti, Barcelona, Spain
Size: 55 m²
Typology: Apartment Renovation Interior Architecture
Client: Private
Status: Completed 2019