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The plot is located next to Barcelona’s biggest club, Razzmatazz, between two office blocks. The area, which is very popular among the youth and club goers, and becomes overcrowded during late night hours it’s a truck food stop destination. The plot owner wanted to invest in a low-budget intervention, a food station, that would abide by the local regulations, as well as with the nightlife time’s hours.

The proposal includes a small second-hand caravan transformed into a healthy food canteen, an ephemeral structure, placed in a beautiful garden.

The garden in front of the canteen now serves as an informal but safe public zone where the youth can get a snack rather accumulate and roam at the sidewalks. The canteen is located at the far end of the plot; the garden is illuminated in an 80’s funky manner to blend with the ambience, while a circulation path is opened up, with places to stand around it. During the day the garden can be accessible to the public even when the cantina is closed.

Transforming a private space to public offers a mutual benefit. While the municipality examines the proposal, residents & visitors will be answering a poll, about the methods, the typology, the time spending eating and if the type of environment they would like to see in their neighborhood, which would be respectful and safe.

Location: Poble Nou, Barcelona, Spain
Size: 450 m²
Typology: Retail & Public Space, Landscape Architecture
Client: Private
Status: Incompleted 2013