The 1000 m² site is located in the salt producing zone of Mallorca, facing the unique seaside formations. The tendency of the developing urban context is to take advantage of the location marvels and expand as much as possible, sometimes ignoring the existing elements such as the trees.

In this project the first priority was to preserve these trees and transform it the principal generator of the architectural vocabulary of the building.

The building, 4 luxury apartments, each one unique in form and facilities achieves complete privacy and views while surrounding the tall pines, creating patios that bring light and also naturally ventilate the apartments. The swimming pool area is used as a community refuge where the club house accommodates communal eating and sunbathing zones.

The use of Mediterranean traditional elements, such as the Catalan vaulted ceiling, the wooden shading and white wall stucco are introduced to the luxury apartment vocabulary, seeking connections with the rich context, sometimes overlooked.

Location: Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
Size: 200 m² x 4 apartments
Typology: Residential Architecture
Client: Private
Status: Building license 2015 – present
Project Architect + Collaborator: Manu Pomar