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The Iconic record shop Vinyl Microstore, located in the extraordinary neighborhood of Exarchia, underwent a dramatic, but rapid 3 week- renovation after it changed hands. Apart from its exquisite music collection VM, home to many vinyl professional collectors from Greece and abroad, needed to offer a relaxing abundant environment, for the clients who mainly spend between 20min-1.30h in the store. The architects have ensured that all renovations had the capacity to adapt in the changing nature of VM, from a store to a concert venue.

All new furniture and vinyl casing in VM is mobile and can modified. The cds and merchandise area is indicated by a warm wood zone and recuperated display. The owner’s zone is now moved to the left side leaving the staircase free and also becoming the trademark of the shop. The new arrivals, the concerts and the timetable are announced in the blackboard wall that becomes an interactive element.

Lighting and main furniture are custom made- and some of them recuperated and restored.

Location: Didotou St, Athens, Greece
Size: 80 m²
Typology: Shop renovation Interior Architecture
Client: Vinyl Microstore Music Ltd.
Status: Completed 2010
In collaboration with the Architect: Betty Tsaousi